Album Notes

"On the Other Ocean" (1977)

David Behrman, Electronics
Maggi Payne, Flute
Arthur Stidfole, Bassoon
Kim-1, Harmonic Responses
Engineering by "Blue" Gene Tyranny
Recorded at The Recording Studio, Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College (Oakland, CA), September 18, 1977.

"On the Other Ocean" is an improvisation by Maggi Payne and Arthur Stidfole centered around six pitches which, when they are played, activate electroni pitch-sensing circuits connected to the “interrupt” line and input ports of a microcomputer, Kim-1.  The microcomputer can sense the order and timing in which the six pitches are played and can react by sending harmony-changing messages to two handmade music synthesizers.  The relationship between the two musicians and the computer is an interactive one, with the computer changing the electronically-produced harmonies in response to what the musicians play, and the musicians influenced in their improvising by what the computer does.  The recording is of a live performance.

"Figure in a Clearing" (1977)

David Behrman, Electronics
David Gibson, Cello
Kim-1, Harmonic Changes
Engineered by Richard Lainhart
Recorded at the Electronic Music Studio, State University of New York at Albany, June 9, 1977.

In "Figure in a Clearing," for thirty-three electronic generators and cello, David Gibson improvised on six pitches (A, B, D, E, F# and G) within a rhythmic and harmonic seting provided by computer-initiated chord changes. The chord changes are made by sixteen triangle wave generators, each of which has several preset tunings among which the computer can choose. They rhythm, continuously accelerating or decelerating, is modelled after the velocity of a satellite in falling elliptical orbit around a planet. Sixteen additional triangle wave generators and one drone-producing sine wave generator are also present in the mix.

1. "On the Other Ocean"  (23:31)

2. "Figure in a Clearing"  (19:12)

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Illustration by Ariel Peeri

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