Album Notes


Western Classics

The Forty Years Ago Waltz (2:24)
Golden Slippers (2:13)
Soldiers Joy (1:33)
Strawberry Roan (3:42)
Little Old Sod Shanty (3:34)
Rye Whiskey (2:58)
Greer County (3:26)
Little Joe the Wrangler (4:13)
The Buffalo Skinners (5:56)

Ned Sublette: voice, guitar, piano
the Southwesterners:
L. W. McGuffin: tenor ukulele
Lois Vance: rhythm guitar
O. C. “Dink” Essary: melody fiddle
Jack Carr: harmony fiddle
Bill Vance: lead mandolin
Nelwyn Essary: rhythm mandolin

Recorded at KUNM, Albuquerque, NM, in September 1980.
Tim Schellenbaum, engineer.
Mike Wolfe, consulting engineer.

“Little Joe the Wrangler” re-voiced at ZBS Media, Fort Edward, NY.
Roma Baran, engineer.
assisted by Greg Shifrin and Gail Turner.

Masters cut by Bill Kipper, Masterdisk Corporation.

Front cover photograph: Robert Mapplethorpe
Back cover photograph: Greg Peretti
Design: Patrick Vitacco

Produced by Ned Sublette

Dedicated to Charlemaud Curtis, educator, and with grateful acknowledgment to J. D. Robb.

And thanks to: Constance Ash, Bobby Bielecki, Barton Bond, Terry Boren, Mary Carr, the Ear Inn, John Giorno, Peter Gordon, Mimi Johnson, Paul Mansfield, Edythe McGuffin, Phil Harmonic, Jim Pomeroy, Portales NM, Jim Ruppert, James and Mary Sublette, La Monte Young, and all the fine people at KUNM.

©P 1982 Vital Records, Inc.

VR 1401