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Jetsun Mila

Jetsun Mila is inspired by the life of Milarepa, a great yogi and poet of Tibet who lived in the 11th Century. The story of his life as told to his closest disciple, Rechungpa, represents one of the most famous works within Tibetan culture. The Mila Kabum, or Namthar, has been translated into several Western languages, including English and French. In this story of Milarepa’s life, we can see how in one lifetime one can accomplish amazing deeds through ascetic practices and spiritual endeavors.

Eliane Radigue’s 84-minute musical evocation of Milarepa’s life is in nine sections, with prelude, which correspond to major periods of the life of this famous yogi. The sections flow from one to the other without breaks, one giving birth naturally to the next. They are:


1. Birth and Youth
2. Misdeeds
3. Meeting the Guru
4. Ordeals
5. Practice
6. Visiting the Homeland
7. Retreat
8. Realization / Meditation
9. Death / Nirvana

Performed and recorded digitally by Eliane Radigue, 1986
Final mixing courtesy of G.E.R.M.
Produced by Eliane Radigue
Jetsun Mila was a “Commande de l’Etat,” from the French Ministry of Culture.

CD Mastering: Foothill Digital, New York

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Copyright © 1986 by Eliane Radigue, SACEM
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