CIE is a group of composer/performers dedicated to the composition and live performance of electronic and electroacoustic music using circuitry designed and constructed by the individual composers.The group was founded in 1973 when they collaboratively realized the electroacoustic environment, Rainforest IV, conceived by David Tudor, at New Music in New Hampshire. After many subsequent performances of this work in American universities and galleries CIE introduced new works to their repertory by other group members at the Festival d'Automne in Paris, 1976. This trend of collaboratively realizing individually conceived works has continued: since September 1978 a group of new works were presented in New York and other places. (From the Rainforest IV recording.)

Composers Inside Electronics
Berlin, 1981: Ralph Jones, David Tudor, Philip Edelstein, Bill Viola,
John Driscoll, Martin Kalve. Photo by Bill Viola.