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Pauline Oliveros

PAULINE OLIVEROS, composer, performer, author and philosopher has influenced American music extensively through her works with improvisation, electronic music, teaching, myth, ritual and meditation. Her recent commissions include Ghost Dance in collaboration with Boston-based choreographer Paula Josa Jones and commissioned by Lincoln Center 1995, music for the Mabou Mines' production of Lear, and Contenders for the Susan Marshall Dance Co. (Bessie Award for the music from Dance Theater Workshop in 1991). She has performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, New Music America Festivals, and in countless concert halls and performance spaces worldwide. Oliveros received a $25,000 award for her work in 1995 from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts - New York City. In 1985 she founded The Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Inc., to support all aspects of the creative process for a worldwide community of artists. The foundation, under her direction (along with Co-Artistic Director and playwright Ione) most recently produced a music theater work, Njinga the Queen King, with Pauline's original music and sound. Njinga had its premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in December, 1993. From her early years as the first Director of the Tape Music Center at Mills College to her fourteen year term as Professor of Music at the University of California of San Diego, and from Sonic Meditations to Deep Listening, her compositions, performances and innovations have already established her place in music history.


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