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Yasunao Tone

YASUNAO TONE, a co-founder of Group Ongaku and an original member of Fluxus, was born in Tokyo in 1935 and has resided in New York since 1972.

He has given numerous concerts and group performances, and has participated in group exhibitions and collaborations.

Solo Concerts have taken place at such venues as the Kitchen, Experimental Intermedia, Roulette, Guggenheim Museum SOHO, Metronom, Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona.

Group Concerts: Fluxus Festivals, New Music America, Interpretations, Ars Electronica Festival at Blucknerhaus, Spectacles Vivant at Centre George Pompidou, Sonic Lights in Amsterdam, ATP festivals and Lovebytes festivals, Cut and Splice festival at LSO St.Lukes, L M C Experimental Music Festival in London, Dissonanze ’06 in Rome, Symposium and concert at Australian Broadcasting Corporation Sydney and University of Technology Sydney.

Collaborations: his "Geography and Music" for Cunningham's dance," Roadrunners", and "Palimpsest" with Hecker at MIT Media Lab.

Group Shows: the 1990 Venezia Biennale, numerous FLUXUS shows, "The Japanese Avant-garde since 1945" at the Guggenheim Museum, "Bitstreams" at the Whitney Museum, the Yokohama Triennale 2001, “Do It” at Museo Carrillo Gil, “Mutations” in Tokyo, I Moderni at Castle Museum Torino, "off the the record>sound" at ARC/Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris.

His work is distinguished by conversion of text into music via images with analog (Molecular Music) and digital means (Musica Iconologos) and music generating text(Lyrictron), also with critique of medium in use (Music for 2CD Players , Solo for Wounded CD ). His solo albums, Musica Iconologos (Lovely), Solo for Wounded CD (Tzadik), and YASUNAO TONE (Asphodel), also, many collaborative albums and numerous compilations.

He was awarded Golden Nica Pirze from Ars Electronica in 2002 and the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts grant in 2004.