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Robert Ashley

Featuring Thomas Buckner as The Agent and Jacqueline Humbert, Sam Ashley and Robert Ashley as his interrogators.
Orchestration by Robert Ashley.
Engineering and mixing by Tom Hamilton.
1 CD + Booklet with full libretto.


This is the fourth opera in Ashley's Now Eleanor's Idea tetralogy: Junior, Jr.'s story. A group of scenes from the life of an Agent. The scenes are a kind of debriefing to a jury of Interrogators, in which the Interrogators challenge the Agent in various forms of musical dialogue. The mood of the opera owes much to our fascination with espionage and with the character of those people who lead double lives.

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Personal (4:03)
2. My Brother Called (4:30)
3. My Brother Called (4:29)
4. A Simple Border Crossing (17:03)

5. My Brother Called (4:29)
6. My Brother Called (4:30)
7. An Answer Is Expected (18:02)
8. My Brother Called (4:00)
9. Viva's Boy (6:16)
10. My Brother Called (4:16)

CD 1004
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