Star Jaws


Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon and The Love of Life Orchestra; recorded and mixed by Peter Gordon and "Blue" Gene Tyranny; lyrics by Peter Gordon and Kathy Acker

Sensuous music expressed through a slick pop-rock language with simple harmony, generating a pop-classical hybrid. Saxophone solos, teenage-love lyrics, synthesizer effects, and conventional bass and drum parts mixed with quite a bit of intellect and abstraction.

Track Listing:
1. Star Jaws (4:30)
2. Iím Dreaming in the Sun and Dreaming in the Moon (4:23)
Lyric by Kathy Acker
3. Machomusic (7:23)
4. Intervallic Expansion (9:49)
5. Life Is Boring (4:56)
Lyric by Peter Gordon
6. Lullabye (7:42)
Lyric by Kathy Acker

Album Notes

CD 1031
List Price: $16.99
Lovely Price: $15.00