"Blue" Gene Tyranny

"Blue" Gene Tyranny, acoustic and electronic keyboards; Timothy Buckley, accordion; Joel Ryan, computer analysis

Some of "Blue" Gene Tyranny's greatest keyboard works / performances can be found here. The Nocture With and Without Memory was commissioned by Lois Svard and has also been recorded by her for Lovely Music (CD 3051).

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Five Takes On the Nocturne With and Without Memory (1989) (20:46)
2. The Country Boy Country Dog Intro (excerpt) (1984) (5:39)
3. The Intermediary Following Traces of the Song (1988) (18:46)
4. The Intermediary with A Rendition Of Stardust (excerpt) (1983) (8:29)

5. Sunrise or Sunset in Texas (from Philip Makanna's film, "The Crack of Dawn") (1983) (4:05)

CD 1064
List Price: $16.99
Lovely Price: $15.00