Roscoe Mitchell

Robert Cole, flute; Richard Lottridge, bassoon; Joan Wildman, piano; Vartan Manoogian, violin; Roscoe Mitchell, alto saxophone; Wingra Woodwind Quintet; Tom Buckner, voice; Roscoe Mitchell, bass saxophone; Gerald Oshita, contrabass sarrusophone; Brian Smith, triple contrabass viol

Pointillistic chamber compositions: NONAAH, Duet for Wind and String, Cutouts, and Prelude. Delicate as to texture, dispassionate as to mood, these mostly notated woodwind, string, and piano chamber works are atonal, but collapse into tonal cadences.

"Mitchell's atonal explorations here seem somehow earthier and more alive than most contemporary chamber music, perhaps a reflection of his cutting-edge jazz background."
— Hayes, Capital Times, June 1992

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Nonaah (11:58)
2. Duet for Wind and String (7:17)
3. Cutouts (9:34)
4. Prelude (10:08)

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