Roscoe Mitchell

The Roscoe Mitchell New Chamber Ensemble: Mitchell: saxophones, winds and percussion; Thomas Buckner, voice; Joseph Kubera, piano; Vartan Manoogian, violin

His reassertion of the composer into what has traditionally been an improvisational form have placed Roscoe Mitchell at the forefront of contemporary music for over twenty-five years. This recording features eight new works (including one by Henry Threadgill) performed by the Roscoe Mitchell New Chamber Ensemble. Texts by Thulani Davis, Lord Byron, e. e. cummings, and Joseph Jarman.

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. O the sun comes up-up-up in the opening (9:57)
2. he didn't give up/he was taken (7:30)
3. Sound Pictures, No. 3 (2:03)
4. Alternate Express (5:19)

5. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Canto 1, Verse 13 (2:49)
6. Verse 14 (1:29)
7. Verse 15 (2:40)
8. To Styles Holloway and Bubba Barnes (5:18)
9. Sound Pictures, No. 4 (2:03)
10. Spirits Among Stones (8:42)

CD 2022
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