Violin Improvisations

Takehisa Kosugi

Takehisa Kosugi, electric violin

"1990 CD release of solo violin & electronics recorded in NYC in September of 1989. Kosugi is of course the main "Taj Mahal Traveler" and a key player in Fluxus-related activities during the sixties. This is some of the most beautiful mathematical-relationship inspired solo performance grate/scrape out there, it's really hard to believe that all present glossed-out cavern/tank sonics are derived from a single violin & a digital delay unit. Just enough trace of certain 'Eastern' micro-tonalitites & alien gesture to keep your ears dancing on end. Sublime."
— Hrvatski, Forced Exposure

Takehisa Kosugi's improvisations, both with violin and miscellaneous sounding objects, have a sense of emerging from the bottom of a spiritual unconscious. From this place comes a music based more on the feeling of sounds than conscious arrangement. Memory, physical action, tactile perceptions, environmental conditions, and awareness of subconscious microcosmic and macrocosmic extremes inform his work as much as the intention to assemble sounds into music. When listeners connect with his sounds, a direct identification of experience occurs between audience and performer.

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