Joan La Barbara

Joan La Barbara, voice

Joan La Barbara begins Sound Paintings with a scream that pushes you into an unusual world of vocal sound. Her virtuoso singing style, developed over a 20-year period, can be heard on this disc, which combines some of her earlier works with more recent compositions. She takes her extended techniques, which include multiphonics, overtone singing, and glottal clicks, and orchestrates them in layered soundscape compositions using from 8 to 16 tracks of material.

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Urban Tropics (14:03)
2. ShadowSong (4:59)
3. Time(d) Trials and Unscheduled Events (12:15)

4. Erin (6:46)
5. Klee Alee (16:00)
6. Berliner Träume (16:20)

CD 3001
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