DownTown Ensemble

The DownTown Ensemble was formed in 1983 by co-directors, Daniel Goode and William Hellermann. The Ensemble has several points of focus: music for open (unspecified) instrumentation, emerging composers, commissions, graphic scores, ritual/intermedia music, and large ensemble works. While the Ensemble has a consistent core of players, performances always involve a variety of other artists. There have benn over fifty such collaborations since the group’s inception. This Lovely Music CD presents four of them.

"After a recent concert of the DownTown Ensemble a person said to me, 'I like them, because they seem to be enjoying themselves. They make the music sound like it’s fun.' Nice observation. I always wish I could do that. Even more, I always wish that everybody could do that, so I would have more fun going to concerts. How did we get the idea that concert music should seem like a job to be done—that otherwise the musicians might be off somewhere else, having a good time?"
— from the CD liner notes by Robert Ashley

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Daniel Goode, Nod Drama (18:15)
Daniel Goode, cl; Peter Zummo, tbn; Bill Ruyle, mar; Jeffrey Berman, vib; Jon Gibson, sax; Guy Klucevsek, accordion
2. William Hellermann, Post/Pone (27:02)
Daniel Goode, cl; William Hellermann, gtr; Joseph Kubera, pno; Gregory Reeve, vla; Peter Zummo, tbn
3. Mary Jane Leach, Bare Bones (7:07)
Steve Norell, John Rojak, Jack Schatz, Dave Taylor, bass tbns

4. Peter Zummo, Fast Dream (15:25)
Jeffrey Berman, vib; Daniel Goode, cl; William Hellerman, gtr; Guy Klucevsek, acc; Joseph Kubera, pno; Bill Ruyle, mar; Gregory Reeve, vla; Peter Zummo, tbn

Total Duration: 67:52

CD 3081
List Price: $16.99
Lovely Price: $15.00