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Jacques Bekaert

E. Jedidiah Denman, bass; Phil Harmonic, piano, accordion and harmonica; Anne Klingensmith, cello; George Lewis, trombone and bowed trombone; Frankie Mann, electric bass and flute; Maggi Payne, flute and psalter; David Rosenboom, violin and viola; Joel Ryan, stereo rotation; John Sackett, clarinets; Mimi Shevitz, voice; Tony Truhang, piano; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, piano

A collection of eleven charming vignettes, portraits in sound of Bekaert's friends. It is a gentle tribute to the affect each human can have on another.

"The idea for this collection of pieces came to me one morning in July 1970. John Cage had given me his house in Stony Point for the summer. I have never lived in a quieter place. Since I spent most of that summer in the States, each piece is dedicated to friends I saw during that time. A lot of those friends are musicians, and sometimes the piece is just a little pastiche of one of their own compositions." -- Jacques Bekaert

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LP 1071
Lovely Price: $25.00