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Released October 2021  

Robert Ashley
eL / Aficionado 2021

New Production of 1994 Opera

Released October 2020  

Robert Ashley
Foreign Experiences

Release of 1995 Performane


Released December 2019


Robert Ashley
Automatic Writing

LP 1002. Reissue.



Released October 1, 2019


Robert Ashley
Improvement (Don Leaves Linda)

CD 5002. 2 disks.



Released January 2019


On the Other Ocean

David Behrman
On the Other Ocean

LP 1041.Reissue.



Released January 2019


Private Parts

Robert Ashley
Private Parts

LP reissue



Released January, 2016



Robert Ashley

CD 5001. 2 disks.



Released June 1, 2010


Atalanta Vol. II

Robert Ashley
Atalanta (Acts of God) Vol. II

CD 3303. 2 disks, with The Etchings, Empire, and Au Pair.



Released February 9, 2010


Solo Performer/Sferics

Alvin Lucier's
Sferics & Music for Solo Performer

CD 5013.



Released in October, 2008


Star Jaws

Peter Gordon's
Star Jaws

CD 1031 ON CDR



Released in October, 2008


Just for the Record


"Blue" Gene Tyranny's
The Intermediary



Released in October, 2008


Just for the Record


"Blue" Gene Tyranny's
Just for the Record

CD 1062 ON CDR



Released in May 2008



Robert Ashley's

CD 1010 2 Disks



Released in May 2008


Music with Roots

Robert Ashley's
Music with Roots in the Aether




Released in March 2008


Sound Map of Danube

Annea Lockwood's
A Sound Map of the Danube

CD 2083 3 Disks



Released Fall 2007


Now Eleanor's Idea

Robert Ashley's
Now Eleanor's Idea

CD 1008 2 Disks



Released in May 2007


Jetsun Mila

Eliane Radigue's
Jetsun Mila

A two-cd continuation of the Milarepa saga, now on CD for the first time.

CD 2003



Released April 15, 2006


Foreign Experiences

Robert Ashley's
Foreign Experiences

The second opera in the "American Consciousness" quartet.. Duet Version.

CD 1008



Released on November 16, 2005


Perfect Lives

Robert Ashley. Perfect Lives.
Robert Ashley's groundbreaking opera for televsion. Digitally remastered and released, finally, on DVD.





Released September 1, 2005


Celestial Excursions

Robert Ashley's opera, Celestial Excursions. Two disc package includes libretto in separate booklet.

CD 1007



Released Februiary 2004



Jacqueline Humbert's solo CD, Chanteuse, of songs by Robert Ashley, Sam Ashley, Katrina Krimsky, Joan La Barbara, Alvin Lucier, Gustavo Matamoros, George Manupelli, Larry Polansky, David Rosenboom and James Tenney.

CD 4001



Released in March 2003


Voice Is...

Joan La Barbara's first vocal compositions, many originally released on LPs in the 1970s and early 1980s on her own record label, Wizard Records. The Lovely release uses the title of her first LP, Voice is the Original Instrument.

The double CD release also includes never-before released works, Les Oiseaux qui chantent dans ma tete and Des Accords pour Teeny.

CD 3003



Released in March 2003


Take Your Time

"Blue" Gene Tyranny A CD of works for solo piano entitled, Take Your Time.

CD 1066



Released in March 2003


Still and Moving Lines

Alvin Lucier, Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas.

CD 1015.



Released in September 2002


In Sara, Mencken

Robert Ashley, In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Woman.

With Paul DeMarinis. Text by John Barton Wolgamot.

CD 4921.




Released in August 2002


Downtown Only

DownTown Ensemble, DownTown Only.

Works by Daniel Goode, William Hellermann, Mary Jane Leach and Peter Zummo.

CD 3081.



Released in May 2002


The Use

Chris Mann, the use.

CD 3091.



Released in May 2001


Still Lives

Alvin Lucier, Still Lives.

Featuring performances by Marilyn Nonken (piano), Joseph Kubera (piano) and Ryuko Mizutani (koto)

CD 5012.



Released in April 2001


His Tone of Voice

Thomas Buckner, His Tone of Voice.

CD 3024.

Works by Jacques Bekaert, Mel Graves and "Blue" Gene Tyranny



Released in 2000


Tom Johnson, An Hour for Piano.

Played by Frederic Rzewski

CD 1081.



Released in 2000


Studio Retrospect

Gordon Mumma, Studio Retrospect

Retrospect (1959-1982) (10:21)
Music from the Venezia Space Theatre (1964) (11:55)
The Dresden Interleaf 13 February 1945 (1965) (12:14)
Echo-D (1978) (14:46)
Pontpoint (1966-1980) (15:43)
Epifont (1984) (4:30)

CD 1093.



Released in 2000



Robert Ashley's opera, Dust.

Two discs, libretto booklet in slipcase.

CD 1006.



Released in 1999



Alvin Lucier, Theme. Three new works, Music for Piano with Magnetic Strings, played by Lois Svard; Music for Gamelan Instruments, Microphones and Amplifiers, featuring the Wesleyan Gamelan Ensemble; and Theme (to a text by John Ashbery), featuring Sam Ashley, Thomas Buckner, Jackie Humbert & Joan La Barbara, voices.

CD 5011.



Released in 1999


Your Money My Life

Robert Ashley's Your Money My Life Good-bye.

CD 1005

A radio opera, commissioned by Bayerisher Rundfunk Munich, about an infamous international swindler.



Released in 1999


Breaking the Surface

Annea Lockwood. Breaking the Surface.

The 1982 work, Delta Run, based in a taped interview with a dying man and Duende, 1998, written for and performed by Thomas Buckner. The works are each about 25 minutes long. They are for voice, pre-recorded or live, and taped sounds, "natural" or electronically generated, and they both deal with the issue of spiritual wholeness.

CD 2082.




Released in January 1998


Other Places

Lois Svard's second solo CD, Other Places is an exploration of Svard's interest in new concepts and ideas in music, this disc features works written for her by composers Elodie Lauten, Jerry Hunt and Kyle Gann.

CD 3052.



Released in February 1998


 Songs of Milarepa

Lovely has reissued Eliane Radigue's first LP, Songs of Milarepa on compact disc. Two never before published songs have been added to the original pair, and with the addition of the 60-minute, Mila's Journey Inspired by A Dream, Radigue's five-song cycle is complete in this double CD package.

CD 2001.



Released in April 1998


Music of Changes

John Cage's monumental piano work, Music of Changes was delivered in May 1998. Musicologist John Holzaepfel says in his notes that this work "heralded a new concept of musical time, placing the performer in a new relation to the score, one in which orientation is to the occurrence of events rather than to the relations between them." Joseph Kubera is among the few pianists to have assayed the obstacles posed by its innovations since David Tudor ceased playing the piece in the late 1950s. This recording is the first since Herbert Henck's, on Wergo, from the early 1980s -- and it pairs an extraordinary performance with digital recording quality!

CD 2053.



Released in May 1998



 Leroy Jenkins' new release, simply entitled, Solo, is a live recording of a magical violin/viola performance at the Contemporary Arts Center in Santa Fe. The entire concert is contained on the disc. The CD will include 7 of Leroy's works, with the addition of Dizzy Gillespie's "Wouldn't You" and John Coltrane's "Giant Steps."

CD 3061.



Released in June 1998


Inner Journey

The works on baritone Tom Buckner's third solo CD, entitled Inner Journey all deal thematically with a quest for acceptance and self-knowledge. Works by William Duckworth, Tom Buckner, Jacques Bekaert, David Wessel and Somei Satoh.

CD 2023.



Released July 15, 1997



Alvin Lucier. Panorama.

CD 1012.



Released August 15,1997


Atalanta (Acts of God)

Robert Ashley. Atalanta (Acts of God).

CD 3301.



Released September 1, 1997


Three Works for Live Electronics

David Tudor. Three Works for Live Elecronics.

CD 1601.



Released August 1, 1996


On the Other Ocean

David Behrman. On the Other Ocean.

CD 1041.



Released July 15, 1996


Paul Dresher. This Same Temple.

CD 2011.



Released June 15, 1996


Robert Ashley. Automatic Writing.

CD 1002.



Released June 1, 1995


David Tudor. Neural Synthesis, 6-9.

CD 1601-2



Released June 1, 1995


Roscoe Mitchell. Pilgrimage.

CD 2022.



Released July 1, 1995


David Rosenboom. Two Lines.

CD 3071.



Released July 15, 1995


Meredith Monk. Key.

CD 1051.



Released November 15, 1994


Robert Ashley. eL/Aficionado.

CD 1004.



Released November 1, 1994


Alvin Lucier. Clocker.

CD 1019.



Released May 15, 1994


Thomas Buckner. Sign of the Times.

CD 3022.



Released April 15, 1994


Lois Svard. With and Without Memory.

CD 3051.



Released April 1, 1994



"Blue" Gene Tyranny. Country Boy Country Dog.

CD 1065.



Released March 1, 1994


Joan La Barbara. 73 Poems.

CD 3002.



Released February 1, 1994


William Duckworth. Southern Harmony.

CD 2033.



Released November 1, 1993


Yasunao Tone. Musica Iconologos.

CD 2041.



Released December 1, 1992


Alvin Lucier. Music on a Long Thin Wire.

CD 1011



Released May 15, 1992


Roger Reynolds. Voicespace I, III, IV.

CD 1901



Released February 1, 1992


Barbara Held. Upper Air Observation.

CD 3031.



Released October 1, 1991


Thomas Buckner. Full Spectrum Voice.

CD 3021.



Released October 1, 1991


Maggi Payne. Crystal.

CD 2061.



Released September 15, 1991


Paul DeMarinis. Music As A Second Language.

CD 3011.



Released June 15, 1991


Robert Ashley, Perfect Lives.

CD 4917.



Released March 1, 1991


David Behrman. Leapday Night.

CD 1042.



Released December 1, 1990


Joan La Barbara. Sound Paintings.

CD 3001.



Released December 1, 1990


Pauline Oliveros. Crone Music.

CD 1903.



Released November 15, 1990


Robert Ashley. Private Parts (The Record).

CD 1001.



Released August 1, 1990


William Duckworth. The Time Curve Preludes.

CD 2031.



Released July 1, 1990


Robert Ashley. Yellow Man With Heart With Wings.

CD 1003.



Released June 1, 1990


Takehisa Kosugi. Violin Improvisations.

CD 2071.



Released June 1, 1990


Fast Forward. Panhandling.

CD 2091.



Released June 1, 1990


"Blue" Gene Tyranny. Free Delivery.

CD 1064.



Released April 1, 1990


Jon Hassell. Vernal Equinox.

CD 1021.



Released March 1, 1990


Alvin Lucier. Crossings.

CD 1018.



Released August 1, 1989


Annea Lockwood. A Sound Map of the Hudson River.

CD 2081.



Released March 1, 1988


Alvin Lucier. Sferics.

LP 1017.



Released January 1, 1988


Roscoe Mitchell. Four Compositions.

CD 2021.



Released September 1, 1987


Eliane Radigue. Mila's Journey Inspired by A Dream.

CD 2002.



Released 1987  

Eliane Radigue. Jetsun Mila. CA 2003.


Released April 1, 1987


Roger Reynolds. Distant Images. LP 1803.



Released April 1, 1987


David Behrman. Leapday Night. LP 1042.



Released March 1, 1987


Gordon Mumma. Mesa/Pontpoint/Fwyyn. LP 1092.



Released January 1, 1987


William Duckworth. 31 Days. CD 3032.



Released April 1, 1986



Maggi Payne. Crystal. LP 2061.



Released January 1, 1986


John Cage. The Freeman Etudes. LP 2051.



Released October 1,1985


Alvin Lucier. Still and Moving Lines of Silence. LP 1016.



Released September 1, 1985



Robert Ashley. Atalanta (Acts of God). LP 3301.



Released May 1, 1985


Pauline Oliveros. The Wanderer. LP 1902.



Released May 1, 1985


Ron Kuivila. Fidelity. LP 1722



Released May 1, 1985


Joel Chadabe. Settings for Spirituals. LP 1302.



Released December 1, 1984


Stephen Montague. Slow Dance On A Burial Ground. LP 2041.



Released December 1, 1984


Nicolas Collins. Let the State Make the Selection. LP 1712.



Released December 1, 1984



David Tudor. Pulsers/Untitled. LP 1601.



Released Feburary 1, 1984


Paul Dresher. This Same Temple. LP 2011.



Released December 1, 1983



William Duckworth. The Time Curve Preludes. LP 2031.



Released December 1, 1983


Eliane Radigue. Songs of Milarepa. LP 2001.



Released December 1, 1983


Alvin Lucier. Still and Moving Lines of Silence. LP 1015.



Released December 1, 1983


Robert Ashley. Perfect Lives. CA 4917.


Released April 1, 1983


Pauline Oliveros. Accordion and Voice. LP 1901.



Released April 1, 1983


Jill Kroesen. Stop Vicious Cycles. LP 1401.



Released December 1, 1982


Alvin Lucier. Music for Solo Performer. LP 1014.



Released November 1, 1982


Collins/Kuivila. Going Out with Slow Smoke. LP 1701.



Released November 1, 1982


"Blue" Gene Tyranny. The Intermediary. LP 1063.



Released May 31, 1982


Garrett List. Fire and Ice. LP 1201.



Released May 15, 1982


Ned Sublette. Western Classics. LP 1401.



Released January 1, 1982



Roger Reynolds. Voicespace I-IV. LP 1801.



Released January 1, 1982


Joel Chadabe. Rhythms. LP 1301.



Released August 15, 1981


Alvin Lucier. I am sitting in a room. LP 1013.



Released in June 1, 1981


George Lewis. Chicago Slow Dance. LP 1101.



Released January 1, 1981


Robert Ashley. Music Word Fire. LP 4908.



Released January 1, 1981


Robert Ashley. The Bar. LP 4904.



Released September 1, 1980


Alvin Lucier. Music On A Long Thin Wire. LP 1101



Released January 1, 1980


Bischoff, DeMarinis, Harmonic, Tyranny, Payne, Mann. Lovely Little Records, LP 101-06.



Released Aprll 1, 1979


Gordon Mumma. Megaton for Wm. Burroughs. LP 1091.



Released Aprll 1, 1979


"Blue" Gene Tyranny, Just for the Record.

LP 1062.

Released Aprll 1, 1979  


Tom Johnson. An Hour for Piano. LP 1081.



Released Aprll 1, 1979


Jacques Bekaert. Summer Music 1970.

LP 1071.



Released June 1, 1979


Robert Ashley. Automatic Writing.
LP 1002.



Released February 28, 1978


"Blue" Gene Tyranny. Out of the Blue.

LP 1061.



Released February 28, 1978



Meredith Monk. Key.
LP 1051.



Released February 28, 1978


On the Other Ocean

David Behrman. On the Other Ocean.

LP 1041.



Released February 28, 1978


Star Jaws

Peter Gordon. Star Jaws.

LP 1031.



Released February 28, 1978


Jon Hassell. Vernal Equinox.
LP 1021.



Released February 28, 1978


Robert Ashley. Private Parts.

LP 1001.